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Trusting in The Lord 🙏

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Not going to expend another ounce of energy in others who aren’t willing to do the same. Anyone who wishes me well is always welcome in my life. And to the ones who don’t, you won’t be getting any more of my time.

Ahhh man. Despite all the craziness of what’s happening, I’m always feeling so blessed. I love life so much. It’s unexpected and scary a lot of the times, but it’ll treat you right if you just start loving it back.

Ughhhhhhh I’m so confused bro.

I can’t believe we biked all the way to Echo Park… IM SO ATHLETIC #jkjk

This summer is a hot mess I can’t even deal… What is my LIFE

I hate that time of the month 😭😵

Everyone has their own “Robin”, the person that you love very much, but cannot be with, and whoever you’ll meet, whatever you’ll do, nothing will be like it would be with Robin.

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I just realized something… All of the guys I’ve been with were soccer players who are also artists. HAHAHA this pattern cracks me up.

I’m a kitty.

The worst feeling in the world is feeling like you really knew somebody in and out but you never did.


Taylor Kinser - Bottled Emotions


Taylor KinserBottled Emotions