So Santa Barbara was amazing.

First week

Oh man I can’t believe I survived my first week back to school! So much has happened and I am so thrilled because this semester is gonna be great. I’m in a ton of classes that I am just privileged to be in, just outstanding instructors, I had auditions and callbacks erryday, I’m in a class called film symposium every Thursday nights from 7-11 where we get to screen movies before they’re released in theaters and a q&a session afterwards with people involved with the films (producers, actors, writers, etc.), and I’m gonna be in the show “spelling bee” with a bunch of my friends whom I love, and AHHHHH!! EEEEEP I’m just so overjoyed and happy and I feel great about what’s to come. A lot has happened over the summer that I’m still trying to get over but I consider this strange phase of my life a transitional phase and I am still positive about all of the things that are headed my way for this year. I feel great, I feel exhausted, I feel blessed, and I am just going along for the ride. I am so so so fortunate to attend the best school in the world and to have access to these great classes and teachers and be so involved with shows and yeah. Gonna make the most of my last year! 🙌😊

My acting class is incredible. So inspired whenever I come out of it. My teacher is unbelievably brilliant. Everything that comes out of her mouth is pure GENIUS. So stoked to see how I’ll improve!

The hardest heart of all to have is a heart of forgiveness. But unbelievably necessary.

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「見ている」 2013


「見ている」 2013

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why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 4am

"Nobody but you" off of Kimbra’s new album is ma jam 😛😛😛😛

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Super terrified at how fast time flies by but very excited for school to start! My last time saying it’s my first day of school… I’m really looking forward to accomplishing a lot of personal goals of mine and just focusing on myself and my well being. Don’t know what the future will bring but I’m just rolling with it. Life is full of spontaneous ups and downs and there is no use getting caught up or tripped up about it. I’m really hoping to pursue a lot of growth and change in my own life and to become the best person I can be! Super corny post but I’m feeling very inspired and motivated (that is until school starts kicking my ass LOL). Yayyy for my last year of college! Yayyyy for a new life and a newer, better me! Feeling really, really blessed. ☺️

Yessss goodbye gifts from work! 😛😍